Targeting Destination Travellers? Here Are 6 Segments To Start With

Targeting Destination Travellers? Here Are 6 Segments To Start With

Destination travellers are one of the largest audiences in the market because lets face it, youve got to be a real bore if you dont love going out and exploring places. Whether it be a peaceful holiday or to cross activities out of the bucket list, or even a business trip, these people are constantly on the move, eager to get to places before time runs out.  
On that note, here are some segments that can help brands design, develop and deliver campaigns that are hyper-personalised and relevant to their consumers:

Resort Hotel Visitors

Heres a segment that will no doubt want to receive communication about the next hot destination. They are a bunch looking for recreational activities and rejuvenation. They will be open to visiting more such places offering varied experiences.

Business Travellers

Serious on the outside, but you got to credit them for their loyalty. Business travellers are a segment who prefer to stick with hotels that meet their expectations- a reliable experience over an over-committed one! They arent price-sensitive as they spend a lot of their time in business meetings outside, rather than being in their hotel room for hours. Business travellers are one of the most lucrative segments to target and brands can capitalise on them with personalised CX.

Family Travellers

Due to hectic schedules, it has become increasingly difficult for families to spend quality time together. Family travel accounts for at least one in three outbound tourism trips and remains a key target for the tourism industry. This is a segment thats eager to get away from the hustle of everyday life, at least once a year. Theyre constantly in the mood to explore the local surroundings- a huge goldmine for brands and a huge opportunity for the travel industry!

Budget Travellers

An often overlooked and misunderstood segment, budget travellers are a smart bunch and know their way around a place. To them, its not about how much they spend but rather how they choose to spend their money. They travel quite frequently and are quite tech-savvy, which is why most budget travellers come from the younger generations. Budget travellers are highly receptive to brand storytelling that resonates well with their lifestyle, and so the best way to target them is through online ads, social media, and of course outdoors ads!

Leisure Travellers

Leisure is luxury and everyone, be it the young or the old, travel for leisure. This segment is all about relaxation and is the very opposite of the business traveller segment. They are here to enjoy the beauty of the place. They want to be pampered and they are here for a while to unwind. They dont mind the occasional splurge if it gets them something without having to exert themselves too much.  

Chain Hotel Travellers

This segment is seen in branded chain hotels like Taj, Hilton, Hyatt, etc. They are a luxury-seeking segment who prefer to stay in established hotels. They are specific in their choices and refuse to stay in any local establishment. Targeting them is made easier for brands as they are predictable.
The segments dont just end here. For instance-  Hillside Destination Travellers, Beach Destination Travellers, Rock Climbing Enthusiasts, Tourist Area Visitors, etc. are just a few more that brands can target for better ROI on their campaigns. With Lifesight Flux Audiences you can make use of all these segments and over 4500 others. Its real-world intelligence at your beck and call.  

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