Targeting Foodies? Here Are 5 Audience Segments Than Can Add Value

Food lovers or popularly known as Foodies have an ardent interest in food. They are a prominent hobbyist group found all over the world and thrive on their colourful palate. They are constantly on the lookout for more interesting foods to try, making them an interesting segment in the market. Here are some high-quality audience segments that can help target foodies.

Restaurant Visitors

This consumer segment consists of people who frequently visit restaurants. They are found in specific types of restaurants based on their choice of cuisines, making them an easy target for brands with an affinity for a particular type of cuisine.  

People who like dining out

This segment consists of people who prefer to go out rather than dining in. They are also open to trying a variety of cuisines. Brands who want people to visit their restaurants can use this category to tempt them with special offers.

World Cuisine Enthusiasts  

This set of people have an interest towards cuisines from all over the world. They are the type that loves to sample new food and love to consume any type of content related to food across the globe.

Food App Users

This segment of consumers caters to both food and beverages. This segment is likely to use any applications related to food, like f&b reviews apps, food ordering apps etc.They will be open to communication based on the categories searched through various apps related to food and drinks.

Food Content Consumers

This segment loves to consume any content related to food and beverages. They will keep themselves informed on the latest openings or reopening of the establishments they are interested in. They enjoy content from food blogs, reviews and critics, videos, social media, etc. Brands can target these consumers through these platforms.

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