Targeting Fashion Retail Shoppers? Here Are 5 Audience Segments For Greater ROI

Targeting Fashion Retail Shoppers? Here Are 5 Audience Segments For Greater ROI

In the next instalment of #RealAudiences, we are diving into the world of fashion retail. We look at some of the best audience segments that fashion retail brands should target to get the best out of their campaigns. Several of the worlds top fashion brands spare no effort to ensure that their communication is seen and have an impact on the right audiences. Based on the data we have gathered, here are 5 audience segments that are resulting in high ROI for such brands.

1. Clothing and Accessories

ShoppersConsumers who are trendy and fashion-oriented who shop regularly

Frequent shoppers of clothing and accessories or as some like to call them, Shopaholics, are a passionate crowd. They are generally up to date with the latest fashion trends and ensure that shopping is a constant entry in their monthly budgeting. Brands in the fashion industry dealing with clothes and accessories should definitely focus on this audience as they are sure to be guaranteed repeat customers for them.

2. Luxury Shoppers

Consumers who tend to shop for high-end luxury and high ticket items.

Luxury consumers may not be as frequent in their shopping as some of their peers, however they more willing to buy luxury and high ticket price items such as jewellery, watches etc.  By targeting this segment, brands can promote their high-end luxury items to a more receptive audience to their communications. For example, a jewellery brand would have a better chance of engagement from this audience rather than a consumer who is more attuned to be a convenience store shopper.

3. Mall Visitors

Consumers who frequently visit malls

The typical mall visitor is an audience segment that definitely needs to be targeted by brands to ensure that the consumers walk into their store and not just walk by without any action. Most visitors to malls generally do not come in with just a single purpose for their visit. They come in to spend time window shopping and to spend time with friends and family. Brands can use this to their advantage by offering exclusive offers at their outlets in certain malls to entice consumers.

4. Fashion e-commerce app users

Consumers who use e-commerce apps that focus on fashion products

This audience segment consists of people who are both fashion conscious as well as used to online shopping behaviour. They have various e-commerce apps on their phones through which they conduct their shopping escapades. This is a consumer who checks the products that they want online but can be tempted to come to the store if there are exclusive offers there. This would be a great way to bring in footfalls.

5. Nightlife Spots Visitors

Consumers who visit popular nightlife spots.

The people who enjoy at clubs, discos and other nightlife spots tend to be quite trendy and fashionable. Targeting this audience set is a logical decision for fashion brands that portray trendiness and modern aesthetics. By targeting consumers who frequent nightlife spots brands can start to see higher conversion rates as the consumers that see their messaging are always looking for newer and newer looks. The above high-quality audience segments used in combination or individually can help ensure your target the right customer who would be the most receptive to your communication, resulting in higher conversions and better ROI. Factori has an audience size of over 152 Million users who can be classified as fashion retail shoppers based on places visited, geo-behavioural data, brand affinities, as well as app usage. This is a gold-mine for fashion brands looking for a refined audience targeting strategy.

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