Targeting Ramadan Shoppers? Here Are 5 Lifesight Audiences Segments That Can Add Value

The holy month of Ramadan brings a flurry of festive activities and consumer behaviour change. One of the main changes is in shopping behaviour due to many festive offers and deals by various brands. Heres the latest edition of Lifesights #RealAudiences, showcasing 5 Audiences segments that marketers can use to target Ramadan shoppers, better.

1. E-Commerce App Users

There is an increase of users on e-commerce apps doing a lot of shopping online

This audience segment consists of people who frequently shop through e-commerce apps. They have various e-commerce apps on their phones through which they conduct their shopping. This is a consumer who checks the products that they want online but can be tempted to come to the store if there are exclusive offers there. This would be a great way to bring in footfalls.

2. Restaurant Customers

Many restaurants see a huge influx of customers who come in to break their fast

This segment comprises of audiences who visit restaurants frequently. During Ramadan, many restaurants make changes to menus and also have exclusive items which are only available during this time which bring in a lot more customers than usual. Eatery brands can make use of this segment to bring in footfalls to their locations through enticing communications.

3. Domestic and International Travellers

Users who will be travelling to their home town locally as well as internationally during this time

There are many people who will be travelling to their home town during this festive season to spend time with family and friends. This is a great opportunity for travel brands and airlines to push through some of their festive offers to the right audience.

4. Mall Visitors

Consumers who frequently visit malls

This is a good segment to target Ramadan shoppers. As most visitors to malls generally do not come in with just a single purpose for their visit, brands can use this to their advantage by offering exclusive offers at their outlets in certain malls to entice consumers to come into the store.

5. Clothing and Accessories Shoppers

Consumers who shop for clothes and accessories at retail outlets often

This audience segment allows brands and marketers to target the consumers who frequently shop for clothes and accessories at retail outlets. Especially as Eid draws nearer, we see more and more consumers going shopping for clothes and accessories who can be targeted by retail brands. The high-quality audience segments above can be used in combination or individually to ensure you target the right customer this Ramadan, resulting in higher conversions and better ROI. Lifesight has an audience size of over 152 Million users who can be through the use of the above segments based on places visited, geo-behavioural data, brand affinities, as well as app usage.

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