Factori Publishes Entire Consumer Intelligence Data & API Catalog on Databricks Marketplace & Google Cloud Platform using Data Commerce Cloud™

Factori Publishes Entire Consumer Intelligence Data & API Catalog on Databricks Marketplace & Google Cloud Platform using Data Commerce Cloud™

Factori, a leading and trusted consumer intelligence data provider, has joined Datarade’s Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC), the platform which makes data commerce easy. Factori’s data and API products are now available to buy on Datarade Marketplace and other DCC sales channels, including Databricks Marketplace and Google Cloud Analytics Hub. This success marks a development in Factori and Datarade’s long-standing partnership to bring Factori’s consumer intelligence data to more clients worldwide.

Since 2016, Factori has been trusted by hundreds of organizations to supply privacy-assured consumer intelligence data. The company’s identity graph is one of the world’s largest and combines mobility, purchase behavior, demographic, and psychographic data points to provide the most holistic and comprehensive insight into consumers. Factori works with businesses, governments and universities alike to provide data-driven cybersecurity, location selection, marketing and verification solutions. By joining DCC, Factori is able to bring its data-as-a-service to a wider audience of net-new data consumers.

Factori has been at the forefront of building consumer intelligence data and API products using privacy compliant sources and latest AI/ML technologies. We love working with the Datarade team and we are happy to be a part of the world's leading data monetization platform, the Data Commerce Cloud™. We look forward to partnering to help enterprises get better outcomes for their AI initiatives using high quality external consumer intelligence data. - Akhil Mevada, Partnerships Manager, Factori

Data Commerce Cloud™ is a SaaS product designed by Datarade to help companies sell more data. The easiest and fastest way to sync data products to the most-used data marketplaces is via DCC, the one data platform to rule them all. With one DCC account, providers including Bright Data are able to publish their storefront, listings and samples in a click across channels like Google Cloud Analytics Hub, Alation Marketplaces, Datarade Marketplace and Databricks Marketplace to maximize their brand’s visibility and build an omni-channel data business.

Factori is one of Datarade’s strongest partners in the data commerce space. We’ve already worked together to bring their consumer intelligence data products to globally recognized buyers. Now that Factori has used our DCC platform to publish products in Databricks Marketplace and Google Cloud Analytics Hub, we’re sure that this success will grow as more customers choose Factori’s data & API data solutions. I’m looking forward to more years of great collaboration! - Richard Hoffmann, Managing Director and CCO, Datarade

‍Unlike other data monetization platforms, DCC does not host providers’ data, enabling customers to retain control over their data assets and avoid painful integrations. Becoming a Data Commerce Cloud™ Premium Partner like Factori ensures constant data leads and global sales reach without the complexity and overhead. To find out more, contact DCC’s partnerships team.

Factori PR Contact

Name: Akhil Mevada
Email: partners@factori.ai
Web: www.factori.ai

Datarade PR Contact

Name: Lucy Kelly
Email: lucy.kelly@datarade.net
Web: https://www.datacommercecloud.com/