3 Ways Data Enrichment Can Boost Your Conversions This Holiday Season

With 2021 coming to an end, you might have to dig deep to meet those year-end conversion targets.

One way of doing that is data enrichment, which refers to the intricate technique of adding and refining data points to supercharge your sales funnels and campaigns with hyper-personalization and customer relevance.

While there are innumerable ways to boost conversions with data enrichment, we are going to focus on the three that you still have time to incorporate in your holiday campaigns:

Bring Holiday Cheer to Inboxes with Email Segmentation

Marketing emails often find their way to the spam or trash folder of the inbox. One of the reasons is that the email seems like something a business must have sent to thousands of people. 

There is no personalization, no instant interest, and therefore instant deletion. 

With data enrichment, you can personalize everything based on the recipient's data, right from the subject line to the signing-off text. Understand their interests, lifestyle choices, financial status, and so on with data enrichment to boost the quality of offerings you give to them.

Consider this. 

Will a person living in warm climates open an email about winter skincare discounts? 

Would a fitness enthusiast open too many emails selling Christmas calories?

Using data enrichment platforms like Factori, you can personalize, optimize and measure your email campaigns.

Identify High Quality Leads With Advanced Customer Intelligence

You may receive thousands of visits to your website on any given day, and maybe hundreds of them will fill subscription forms or interact with polls on your website.

Does that mean you should target each one of them? No!

Score the quality of your leads by enriching the first-party data you have on them with any second or third-party data to filter the final leads to those who more or less fit your buyer persona. These are the people you need to target and nurture, and identity resolution and data enrichment will be like Santa's helpers for this goal.

Take a Peek at What Your Customer Bought...and Sell What They Need!

Cross-selling works well when you know which product to promote, which can be gauged by the customer's purchase history to offer related items. In case the customer is a business, use these initial purchases as segues to target other requirements of the business and pitch products related to those.

The benefits of cross-selling are endless. You are squeezing more out of an existing customer and thus, increasing customer lifetime value (CLV); these are the biggest motivators. Constantly updating your customer databases to track pain points and requirements of your customers will allow you to target them with a product they need, exactly when they need it.

Further, you can study how they are using the products from their purchase history and link the utility of these with other products you want to pitch. This can only be done if you have the relevant insights (demographic information, content consumption patterns, feedback on past purchases, etc.), which can guide your cross-selling bundles.

End The Year on a High-Accumulation of Returns!

Wrapping up 2021 with boosted conversions might seem tricky, but if you focus on customer experience with enriched customer data, it is not a far-fetched goal. Take the first step to identifying robust data enrichment solutions and bringing in holiday cheer and high returns.