DOOH And Location Intelligence - A Match Made In Heaven

DOOH And Location Intelligence - A Match Made In Heaven

From an outdoor interactive casino on the roads of Australia to the hyper-targeted delivery of beer ads in the UK, the last couple of years have seen Out Of Home media truly come of age. In its modern avatar, OOH is competing neck and neck with other digital platforms. Much of it has happened because OOH, the world's oldest advertising medium, was quick to adapt to the possibilities that the evolution of adtech and martech yielded, and transform it to what is now known as Digital Out Of Home or DOOH.

What makes DOOH so compelling to marketers?

For one, even as DOOH provides new possibilities like hyper-targeting, retargeting, and interactive advertising like digital platforms, it is safe from the challenges that online display advertising grapples with. Consider this

Brand safety is by and large ensured in DOOH because brands have more power and control on site selection. And the billion-dollar organized crime that is ad fraud is yet to hamper DOOH in ways that it has affected online display advertising.

The premium placed on DOOH must be worth the investment

It is only natural that DOOH and especially programmatic DOOH come at a very high premium. Traditionally, OOH has been one of the more expensive forms of advertising. Add the benefits of digital technologies and programmatic and the cost of advertising in prime locations to this equation, and DOOH becomes one of the biggest investments for marketers as far as ad budgets are concerned. As costs go up, so does the need to optimize ad spend. This is where location intelligence becomes a powerful addition in the programmatic DOOH ecosystem.

The power of location in programmatic DOOH

There are several aspects of DOOH that can be largely rationalized and optimized using location data.
They include - Location intelligence is optimizing DOOH ad spend in unprecedented ways.

Impactful site and audience selection:

Location intelligence allows deep insights into human mobility and audience exposure in relation to a DOOH site. By tying places and people insights gleaned through high quality consumer location data, marketers have an unprecedented opportunity to scale their reach within localities and among audiences that are the most relevant to them. Naturally, this would result in higher engagement and purchase as an outcome of DOOH exposure.

Omnichannel mindset:

Why should the impact of a DOOH exposure be limited to a quick drive past the billboard? By infusing location and mobile intelligence in the DOOH strategy, marketers can retarget individuals through other channels following their exposure and interaction with a DOOH ad. Not only does this increase the impact of DOOH investments, it also makes space for immersive, device-agnostic brand experiences for consumers to generate higher brand recall.

Dynamic creative optimization:

Dynamic creative has taken the online display advertising by a storm. According to a study by Sizmek, 87% of marketers who have used dynamic creative optimization agree that they get higher ROI when compared to standard display. With location intelligence, it is now possible to infuse DOOH with the power of dynamic creative alongside weather and traffic data. By understanding human mobility data and real world traits, behaviours and purchase needs of individuals passing through a DOOH site at a given time of day, it is possible to optimize creative for the specific DOOH for maximum impact. This will naturally translate into higher engagement and potentially, higher revenue outcomes from the DOOH campaign.

Outcome-focused measurement:

Similar to standard OOH, location data makes it possible to attribute store footfalls and even online purchases to DOOH exposures. This is by far one of the most critical and effective outcomes of infusing your DOOH strategy with location-based attribution frameworks. Offline attribution is already becoming the new normal for campaigns across channels. Location intelligence and Factori, might we add is extending this possibility to DOOH too.

Location powered DOOH is the gold standard for OOH campaigns

Clearly, the possibilities of location intelligence in the DOOH realm are truly endless. It is up to marketers to ramp up and integrate their location and DOOH strategies for the best outcomes.

We are already raising the DOOH game with some of the largest players in the industry. Are you in on it?