Supercharge Your Holiday Campaigns With These Data Strategies

With people shopping in full force, almost like they want to make up for the missing Christmas cheer last year, brands need to sprinkle that extra touch of magic on their holiday campaigns.

Of course, you are looking to capitalize on the holiday rush. We will show you how to supercharge your holiday campaigns with these strategies:

STRATEGY 1: Know Who/When/Why to Pose the "Buy Holiday Decor Along With Holiday Socks?"

You are an e-commerce website gearing up for last-minute Christmas shoppers with bulk wish lists.

These are the customers you need to cross-sell to seamlessly, i.e., push for a product related to the one they are buying.


So that a) it seems natural and makes them feel like you care about them and b) as a result, their customer lifetime value (CLV) increases. A customer that buys multiple products from you is likely to keep coming back and contribute to your bottom line.

But how will you achieve this?

Data enrichment! We have spoken about data enrichment before and exhibited e-commerce use cases that indicate how organizing data points can fulfill key customer segmentation and hyper-personalization goals.

After segmenting your customer base and tracking their likes, dislikes, and preferred products as well as affinities and lifestyles, you are setting yourself up for a successful stint of cross-selling since you can target them based on their background in addition to matching the product they bought, with related products. Why not complete their entire wish list by determining what they are looking for?

If your customer has already bought skincare products, maybe you can cross-sell some makeup. 

You can definitely cross-sell some reindeer-themed socks if they have added boots to the cart. 

But at the crux of this process is enriching your first-party with third-party data so that you know at what touchpoint to target your customer and with what particular cross-selling opportunity to maximize your returns and your customer's CLV. 

STRATEGY 2: All that First-Party Data You Have? Holiday Goldmine!

Search and display campaigns cannot be powered by first-party data alone. However, it is an excellent starting point. Unfortunately, brands underestimate the power of first-party data because they haven't enriched the data to develop an efficient set of data points.

Email subscriptions, filter preferences that get stored with the customer's profile, and so on are enriching your first-party data with - That's right, more first-party data that works.

Further, when enriched with second-party data, you can activate a rich customer information database that provides a holistic view of the customer. 

All you need to do is identify the gaps in the first-party customer data and partner with a second-party data source to complete the puzzle that is each customer.

So, suppose you have a rich database of customers from your e-commerce website. You can make your search and display campaigns way more personalized based on enriched first-party data.

Let your first-party data be the primary vehicle, and all the other sources of data the wings to that vehicle. Capitalizing on your first-party data by enriching it will be crucial in a cookie-resistant future and will lead to brand loyalty.

STRATEGY 3: Behavioral Data + Third-Party Data = Giving Your Christmas Shoppers Everything They Need!

Don't just look at what your customers are buying. Look at when they are online shopping (are they weekend shoppers? Midnight shoppers?), what videos are they watching, which promo emails do they end up opening, and whether any email subject lines have been successful across the board.

Keeping track of the pages they frequently visit will also give you an idea of their interests. You can use that to:

 a) Shape your content as per the subject areas they like to read about; and 

b) Target those websites and similar forums with display ads, and 

c) Develop your customer data capabilities.

Think of it like covering a Christmas tree. Sure, you can cover the front of it and hope to catch everyone's attention. But why not account for those people who like to admire the tree from every angle? Target them too, with decorations. 

Similarly, why leave out critical behavioral data (you can also tap into location data) to make your ad creatives and campaigns more focused?

Make your customers feel like you know exactly what they need with remarketing tactics based on behavioral data. Once that trust factor is cemented, they will become customers for life, and we all know retaining customers is easier than acquiring new ones.

Will You Give These a Shot?

Data enrichment is to successful holiday campaigns what cookies (real, chocolatey ones!) are to Christmas. The latter cannot exist without the former. With our solutions, you can easily bring in the New Year on a high through successful campaigns that are hyper-charged with enriched data.

If your new year resolution for your organization is high ad revenues, book a demo today!