How identity resolution and data enrichment can help publishers deliver results for new age advertisers

How identity resolution and data enrichment can help publishers deliver results for new age advertisers

The last few years have seen a digital revolution in the world of publishing. Rapid and personalized content are the order of the day. It is up to publishers to ramp up not only their content strategy but also, their consumer insight data points for hyper-accurate and hyper-relevant content optimization, and in turn, become media choices beyond compare.

Why Data enrichment and Identity Resolution

Mobile devices have proliferated in an unprecedented manner in the last few years. Asia leads the pack with five of the top 10 countries with the highest smartphone penetration rate in the world located in Asia. And what do consumers do with their mobile devices? Like Google puts it, EVERYTHING.

Despite this massive surge in mobile data, publishers continue to have limited first party data about their customers, especially the content needs of new customers. This first party data is usually limited to demographic information, UX interactions on their own app, and in some cases, social media behaviour. There is so much more to todays new gen readers than just these fragmented insights. One of the top publishers in Asia had over 97% anonymous users visiting their sites frequently.

Customer data enrichment using alternative data can ramp up the insight strategy of publishers. The ability to identify and enrich anonymous users can help publishers understand their demographic profiles, interets, behaviours and content consumption outside of their properties. Consequently, they are able to tailor content and ad recommendations based on the personas of these customers. Taking the data use case a step further, identity resolution enables publishers to connect the dots about their consumers. By building a master identity of each user the publisher can not only deliver hyper personalization but measure their customer journey and ad performance.

Stronger data and identity mean stronger insight and measurement

With data enrichment and identity resolution in place, publishers are then able to deliver stronger insights and measurement opportunities to their advertisers. A win-win scenario if there ever was one. By delivering exactly what each stakeholder needs from the reader to the advertiser publishers are able to make themselves indispensable and hence, a top of mind media choice.

Publisher data enrichment and identity resolution at work

We speak with authority and context when we say that publishers that leverage data enrichment and identity resolution will be the ones that thrive. For example, if a new customer has behavioural insights that demonstrate that he or she is an avid traveller footprints in different countries or cities in the last few month, strong history of travel content consumption among others, publishers can quickly tailor relevant travel and lifestyle content, thus getting higher engagement from the customer. In fact, based on these insights, publishers can get even granular yet anonymized insights like whether customer segments are into budget travel or luxury and further hyper-contextualize their content recommendations.

Publishers who leverage data enrichment and identity resolution just as their customer volumes are growing by significant numbers, will be the ones who win the race.