How CPG Brands Can Leverage App Usage Data To Understand Consumer Behaviour Change

By now, CPG brands cant ignore the fact that going forward, online sales have to be a key focus as consumers all over the world have started switching to online shopping in these times of isolation. It is even more vital that these brands listen to their consumers, by mixing data sources and being cognizant to build omnichannel models to meet the consumer demands.

One such data source is app usage data. App usage data is data of apps used on a users device. This data is able to anonymously provide insights to brands on which consumers have shifted to mobile grocery shopping and what their shopping patterns are. Combined with offline movement behaviour, brands can identify shifts in shopping patterns at scale across geographies and learn new consumer journeys.

Audience data and insights for omnichannel marketing

With this understanding of shifts in consumer behaviour, brands can take action by gaining access to consumer segments. These segments are created based on their personas, making it easy for brands to identify their target audience based on the products they want to sell. Furthermore, by leveraging this data, brands can understand when consumers buy their product, effectively mapping out a timeline that will help make the right marketing decisions and get a better ROI.

Effectively analyze and predict behavior

When CPG brands have activated this data, they can monitor and measure consumers response to their ads. This analysis will further help brands predict their next step. They'll be able to tell whether a consumer has visited a particular app or have they visited a local store instead, giving the brand a holistic view of the customers journey. Amidst this global disruption, the process of understanding, activating and measuring consumer behaviour can help brands keep up with the flux.

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