Reaching your Next Customer with Audience Data

In an age when consumers are faced with so much choice, audience centricity has become a must for every organization. Data is at the core of building the new age audience-centric marketing enterprise. It allows marketers to be more creative and targeted, which are the only ways to break through the ad clutter of the digital age.

But even as the new consumer is faced with tremendous choice and advertisers strive to be more data-driven in their campaigns, the advertising ecosystem is changing. Advertisers are grappling with the changes in a post-cookie world as most major browsers have called for the deprecation of the cookie. Addressability decline is something advertisers will have to deal with, and they will need new tools, technologies and data sets in such times to guide them into a brave new world of advertising.

Audience data is one such tool.

Audience data is a group of customers you can target for specific advertising campaigns, based on specific criteria. For example, you are a hair care brand and are launching a premium hair product. You are looking for urban women, 25+ years of age, who visit high end salons frequently. Audience data can help you with such specific data sets for targeting.

Audience data aggregates consumers' holistic behaviours by category. Fact is, the more you know about your customers, the more relevant and tailored your messaging can be for them. Audience data provides the basic foundation for campaign targeting. 

With audience data being top of mind for marketers across the globe, we have developed a new guidebook: "A Marketer's Guide to Audience Data In A Changing Advertising Ecosystem". The white paper is designed to help marketers make sense of the deluge of audience data, its applications in marketing, challenges that exist with audience data in the current marketing ecosystem, and how marketers can solve for these challenges. DOWNLOAD NOW.