Factori Updates Product Superpowers for More Accountable and Efficient Marketing in 2023 and Beyond

A recession is looming. It's the last year of cookie-based targeting strategies. And the ad and marketing ecosystem is in a state of flux. In all our conversations with our customers in recent months, we found some common themes. 2023 and beyond is all about ad dollar efficiency, high ROI, and some serious accountability, not only for marketers but also for their data and technology partners.

Data will be the bedrock of these goals. Statistics back this because marketers are relying more than ever before on data to achieve meaningful outcomes.


Factori has led the evolution of customer intelligence, targeting, measurement, and channel optimization on the foundation of data. For us, the new themes emerging in customer conversations meant action. We are glad to announce a series of updates across our product portfolio. All of it to meet brands' and agencies' new needs in a rapidly changing ecosystem.

1. Substantially more robust and actionable customer segments on Factori Audiences

Hyper-accurate and high ROI targeting is a fundamental goal of Factori Audiences. With the latest update, we're making it even better.

Audiences' new and improved v2.4 brings brand-new consumer profiles and segments for US customers. Customers using Audiences can build richer audience cohorts using household insights, purchase behaviors,  automotive interests, and specialized IAB categories. Agencies and brands now have access to an extended audience data taxonomy across geo-behavioral insights, brand affinities, locations and lifestyles, demographics and life stages, and much more. These granular profiles and segments make targeting and personalization strategies and business decisions sharper than before.

TL;DR: Whats in it for brands and agencies

- Actionable intent- and interest-based customer profiles and segments for high ROI personalization, targeting, and decisions

2. Improved campaign measurability and ROI on Factori Measurements

Factori Measurements was built to bring O2O behaviors and metrics into the campaign measurement equation. And with the latest update, brands and agencies improve their attribution and measurement superpowers. Measurements now comes with a brand-new lookalike algorithm for Visit Lift measurement. Brands and agencies can use it to compare ad and campaign effectiveness on control and exposed groups of customers. Simply put, are your ads sending your customers to your store? If there ever was a business outcome that needed measurement to prove marketing ROI, it had to be this.

Visit Lift, in its new and improved avatar, helps demonstrate campaign ROI and optimize campaign strategies in the long run for high ROI. Factori is now also leveraging Master Data v10 to effectively process Audiences and Measurements campaigns by integrating, rationalizing, and optimizing data and attributes. As a result, we deliver more holistic customer intelligence and higher ROI for Factori customers.

TL;DR: Whats in it for brands and agencies
- Hyper-accurate and comparable Visit Lift metric to measure campaign effectiveness
- Robust, integrated customer intelligence for better advertising, marketing and business decisions

3. Hyper-targeted and measurable outdoor advertising with new and improved Factori OOH

Factori OOH is gaining substantial new capabilities to keep billboard advertising relevant in the digital-first age. Let's dive right into it. The OOH Planner is now equipped with Custom Audience Builder, once the north star of only digital media planning. Brands and agencies planning OOH spends can choose diverse combinations of  segments to identify the exact audience they want to reach among those with the highest likelihood of passing by an OOH screen. Precise metrics for these custom audiences will be the brand's insurance against OOH failure during ad budget cuts and high ROI demands.

Factori OOH is now a one-click OOH media planner with granular filtering across screens and audiences. OOH media strategists can download an effective media plan based on the chosen audience segment filters. This plan is essentially a breakdown of potential reach, impressions and more for OOH sites that cater to those specific audience segments. Factori OOH now also incorporates metrics for visibility into monthly audiences and monthly target audiences. This gives brands and agencies deeper, real-time insight into the potential effectiveness of an OOH site. Used correctly, ad waste on OOH can be a thing of the past.

TL;DR: Whats in it for brands and agencies
- Effective OOH strategy and media plan based on custom audience segments of your choice
- ROI-assurance on OOH with increased chances of success and reduced ad waste

4. No more decisions based on outdated customer data with the improved Factori Onboarding

Over half of global marketers find that data completeness is the most significant barrier to becoming truly data-driven in their strategies and execution. And yet, most data partners continue to perform 30-90 day data updates, at best.

With your customers moving more than ever, consuming more content across more devices, and rapidly shifting their behaviors during events like pandemics and recessions, 30-90 days is far too long for customer data updates. Factori Onboarding is changing this with automated identity graph enrichment running twice weekly for every data source across cloud, JS, and ad channel pixels. We have also completely automated the process of Onboarding and enriching vital identifiers like hashed emails, mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs), and more across the omnichannel ad and marketing ecosystem.

TL;DR: Whats in it for brands and agencies
- 100% updated, clean and holistic customer data for better marketing and business decisions, all in one-click

Become a result-obsessed marketer with Factori

Lessons from previous black swan events like the 2008 recession and every single statistic on advertising and marketing point in a single direction.

If you are not relying on clean, high-quality, relevant data and metrics that mean business, you are leaving money on the table with your ad and marketing investments. And that is the front and center of Factori's product updates.

Request a demo, let's build for you the data culture that has helped Factori customers rise and rise over the years.