The Essential Guide to Audience Activation in the Omni-channel Marketing Ecosystem

With new media channels and new customer behaviours, the marketing ecosystem has evolved to an increasingly digital-first perspective. This means more data sources - from CRM to third party data - resulting in more complexities in data-led decision making. This has led marketers to explore identity strategies far more aggressively than before, in order to get clarity on who their consumers are and how they like to engage with brand communication.

The digital-first, data-first marketing ecosystem promises accurate and scalable data and truly hyper-personalized marketing. However, the first challenge marketers face in the process is a strong identity strategy that leverages data from across sources, platforms, and customer touchpoints. The questions marketers are asking range from bringing CRM data into the larger audience activation strategy to wondering how to best leverage third party data in their advertising strategies. In this article, we discuss techniques that will help marketers navigate through the complexities of audience activation in the omni-channel, data-abundant marketing ecosystem.

Start with a customer intelligence platform

The importance of a sound data and insights platform cannot be stressed upon enough. A Customer Intelligence Platform(CIP) brings together data from disparate 1st party data sources like CRM, website, apps and allows marketers to resolve identities and enrich that data to get a unified view of each customer. From knowing how each customer likes to be engaged in brand communication (email or SMS, calls or social media advertising) to which competitor brands they like, a CIP allows marketers to truly understand their customers and engage with them in effective, meaningful ways. Not to mention, in a secured and privacy compliant environment which is extremely critical amidst the new privacy regulations, mindsets, and constraints.

Bring customer analytics into the equation

A sound audience activation strategy demands analytics and insights that can fill in the gaps in getting a holistic view of customers. Without a sound analytics and insights strategy, audience activation will lack clarity on who customers really are and how and where they prefer to communicate with brands. An identity strategy that not only considers touchpoints and multiple data sources but also has an insights and analytics layer allows marketers to make strong people-based marketing decisions. This enables effective audience activation amidst the growing complexities of data sources and platforms.

Leverage a strong data and technology partner

To address the complexities of today's marketing technologies, marketers need a martech stack that is tailor built for them. Only then their audience activation strategies would be successful. 

A sound data and technology partner brings in the aforementioned principles of sound audience activation strategies. Based on real inputs and feedback from real marketers who are grappling with the complexities of today's marketing ecosystem, Lifesight's Audience Activation solution is built on the premise of holistic data sources, holistic identities, and insights and analytics to leverage the real power of data in marketing. It is designed to help marketers reach the right customer at the right time and place while enabling data interoperability for social, programmatic, marketing automation, business intelligence and data warehouse. It also enables lookalike audiences using deep data analytics, thus allowing brands to scale reach with the customer data they already possess.

Are you ready for a whole new era of audience activation that counters new age data complexities? Get in touch, our platform is ready for you.