Targeting Car Buyers? Here Are 5 Audience Segments That Can Add Value

In countries like Australia, a new car is bought by an individual or family once every 7 years on average. Automotive brands are pushing their wares stronger than ever before to meet this trend head-on. Here are five high-quality audience segments that can help to target auto buyers better:

1. Car Showroom Visitors

Consumers who visit various car brand showrooms.

This consumer set consists of people who visit automotive dealerships or showrooms. These users can be targeted by automotive brands through enticing offers or exclusive services. They are looking around for a change of car for themselves or for family.

2. In-Market Automobile Buyers

Consumers who are actively looking to buy an automobile.

This audience segment has people who are in the market to buy an automobile. They are actively looking to make a purchase by frequently visiting automotive-related locations such as dealerships and visiting review and price comparing websites. It can be inferred that they are already planning on buying a new vehicle or upgrade an old one. Brands and dealerships can use this audience to communicate offers and exclusives to increase walk-ins.

3. Petrol Station Visitors

The consumers who have frequently been seen at petrol stations.

This set can be used to people who frequently visit gas/petrol stations. These audiences already have a vehicle and are habituated to driving. Brands can engage with them to purchase or upgrade their current vehicle to a better model.

4. Auto Repair Visitors

Audiences who were seen at auto repair shops.

This audience segment consists of people who were seen at auto repair shops. They would have brought in their cars for maintenance or to fix an issue. This is a great audience for auto brands and parts manufacturers to push their products as well as for insurance companies to target for their auto-related services.

5. Ridesharing App Users

Users who use taxi and cab booking and sharing apps.

This group consists of those who regularly use ridesharing apps like Uber, Ola, Grab, DiDi etc. They may or may not have an automobile of their own. Automotive brands could engage with this audience to try and get them to buy a vehicle. Competitor ride-sharing apps could also push their offers and conquest customers.

With a total unique reach of over 425 Million profiles within the Lifesight Platform, these segments, along with over 4500 others can easily be activated across major platforms of your choice.

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