Targeting Frequent Travellers? Here Are 6 Audience Segments That Can Add Value

The world has never been more accessible and global travel is booming. There are thousands of travellers going from one place to another at any given point of time and they are a goldmine for brands. Here are some high-quality audience segments that can help target travellers:

1. Air Travellers

Consumers who are seen at airports and in destination countries

This consumer set consists of people who travel by air and can be seen at airports. These users can be targeted by brands at both destinations, at their departure as well as their arrival. Brands that have outlets in the airport and duty-free zones can use this audience to reach them.

2. Train Station Visitors

Consumers who are seen at train stations

This audience segment has people who travel by trains and visit train stations. These users can be targeted by retail, QSR and FMCG brands.

3. Travel App Users

Travel related app users

There are many travel-related apps nowadays ranging from booking apps to trip planning that travellers use to go on a trip. This is a great segment for travel services like airlines, taxis or tours to advertise their services.

4. Hotel Visitors

Consumers who are seen at hotels

This audience segment consists of people who are seen at hotels and typically are made up of tourists or business travellers. Retail and F&B brands can target these segments as they regularly shop and dine during their travels.

5. Luxury Shoppers

Consumers who shop for high-end luxury items.

These consumers are those who buy luxury items such as apparel, jewellery, watches etc. They also have a high propensity to stay at luxury hotels and dine at expensive restaurants during their travels.

6. Leisure Venue Visitors

Consumers who are seen at leisure venues like resorts and theme parks.

The users in this segment visit leisure spots like resorts and theme parks. These are holidaymakers who are typically travelling with their family and therefore do family-friendly leisure activities. Lifesight has over 117 million users who can be segmented based on places they visit, geo-behavioural personas, brand affinity, as well as app usage. Are you looking to start targeting travellers? Get in touch with us!