Measure DOOH Right with Real World Intelligence

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) market is predicted to be worth $32.1 billion by 2025. This growth is fueled by some critical factors that make DOOH the gold standard of advertising in an omnichannel world.

  • DOOH is persistent viewers cant skip, nor does DOOH have any inbuilt ad blockers.
  • Thanks to brands owning site selection in DOOH, brand safety is a given.
  • The dangers of the billion dollar ad fraud industry dont exist in DOOH, bots dont walk after all!

DOOH offers advertisers the best of both worlds an all in one advertising solution with enhanced creativity and targeting, constant traffic, high levels of visibility that all translate to more eyeballs. Naturally, DOOH advertising comes at a premium.  And as costs go up, so does accountability and the need to optimize ad spend. This is where footfall attribution powered by real-world intelligence becomes a powerful addition in the programmatic DOOH ecosystem.

The power of footfall attribution in DOOH

Footfall attribution strengthens DOOH measurement at multiple levels, especially in an omnichannel landscape. Footfall attribution enables marketers and brands to measure if DOOH exposures are leading incremental visits to a physical store. But what is interesting in the case of DOOH is that it also enables brands to attribute online store or landing page visits to DOOH exposures.

Footfall attribution gives brands physical, online, as well as omnichannel ones complete visibility into the effectiveness of their DOOH campaigns.

Naturally, this is by far one of the most critical and effective outcomes of infusing your DOOH strategy with footfall attribution framework. Footfall attribution is already becoming the new normal for campaigns across channels. Real-world intelligence is extending this possibility to DOOH too.
Over at Factori, we deep-dived into all the ways in which real-world intelligence can power DOOH strategies with outcomes and metrics that mean business. Today, with Factori Attribution, brands are already measuring footfalls driven through their DOOH campaigns. They are gaining a holistic view into their real-world audience segments, with insights like visitation patterns, lead time to conversion, and brand and category affinities. With location data enabling such deep insights about people and places, advertisers are identifying and selecting optimal OOH sites to run their DOOH campaigns based on footfalls from specific audience personas in the vicinity of the selected site. Beyond this, advertisers are also running mobile retargeting campaigns for users who were exposed to their DOOH campaigns to drive further engagement and brand awareness.

Factori's OOH partners are nailing DOOH campaigns by helping brands and agencies identify meaningful campaign KPIs, which includes footfall attribution and benchmarking. Before real-world intelligence and location data came into the picture, brands and advertisers had no choice but to account for potential views and demographic data in the name of OOH audiences and metrics. But now, they are finally demonstrating real-world outcomes such as hyper-targeted audience personas exposed to the campaign among other business-oriented outcomes such as Visit Lift Index, Cost Per Visit etc.
A leading retail fashion brand, through their OOH campaigns, wanted to increase and measure footfalls to their various store locations across Singapore. With the help of Factori Attribution, the brand was able to measure footfalls driven through their OOH campaigns. But more importantly, they gained holistic insights into their customers, such as visitation patterns, lead time to conversion, brand and category affinities etc. These insights allowed them to make better site selection and audience decisions in the future and subsequently, optimize their OOH spends. A win-win proposition!

Offline Attribution powering DOOH is the gold standard for OOH Campaigns

Real-world intelligence, together with footfall attribution or offline attribution is raising the game for DOOH in many ways. Its time marketers ramp up and integrate their location and DOOH strategies for the best outcomes. Through our partnership with Clear Channel, we already see this happening among many future-forward marketers in the Asia Pacific region.

Were already raising the DOOH game. Why not be one among our elite OOH clients!