Why the modern data stack supercharges your marketing analytics efforts

In the omni-channel era, brands have more customer and marketing data than they can handle with traditional approaches. To be able to draw insights from humongous structured and unstructured data sets, marketers need technologies that can shorten the "Time To Insight" without putting a dent on operational or skill costs.

Modern data stacks, data pipelines, and data warehouses - but ones focused on good quality, robust data - can fill in this gap. Essentially, these technologies are capable of getting together data from a variety of sources, and also analyse at scale using modern BI tools. These steps usually require minimal IT cost, and fit in nicely with the needs of data-driven marketers.

3 Reasons to use modern data stack, data pipeline, and data warehouse in your Marktech stack

1. Low cost, high impact solutions:

Modern data stacks, automated data pipelines, and data warehouses are cloud-based solutions that come with pay-per-use pricing models. Utilizing them in a martech stack translates to no upfront investment in hardware, licensing, among other costs.

2. Plug & play:

Data-driven marketers can benefit from plug & play integration with other tools and vendors. With templatized integration approaches, marketers and vendors can quickly integrate data from a variety of sources, thus keeping their data warehouse and data stack continuously updated with new, timely, and clean data to run analytics and make quick decisions.

3. Faster time-to-market:

There are two reasons the modern data stack, data warehouse, and pipeline enable faster time to deployment - a) There is no need for new software or hardware to run the integration code; and b) There is no need for marketing analysts to learn ETL tools, which had a high learning curve not just for mid-level marketing analysts but even seasoned data engineers.

Build a modern data stack, today!

With marketers becoming increasingly data-driven and tech-savvy, they are looking to reduce their dependence on IT teams to accomplish significant data integration tasks. The modern data stack, in combination with data warehouse and data pipeline and self-serve BI tools, has reduced the complexity involved in data-driven decision making. This is especially critical in the digital era, with its complex, omni-channel customer journeys where data touchpoints and sources have increased manifold.

Data pipelines, modern data stacks, and data warehouses give marketers much more control over how cross-channel data is integrated, processed, and stored. This control reduces dependencies, thus making marketing teams self-sufficient and capable of making their tech approaches to marketing and analytics go to market faster and more effectively. After all, it's the marketing team that understands its data most effectively. 

Are you ready to level up your marketing with modern data stack and modern, self-serve BI tools? Get in touch with Lifesight today, we're ready for the new era of marketing analytics. Are you?