Factori APIs: Fueling AI with Data that Drives Growth

Harness the power of API-based data enrichment from the world's leading alternative data provider.
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Gain the Edge

With the world’s largest consumer graph
People Data
Company Data

Real-time Insights

Extract actionable intelligence with predictive modeling, clustering, and sentiment analysis.

Advanced Analytics

Stay at the forefront with up-to-the-minute data for smarter decisions.

Operational Efficiency

Optimize every facet of your business, from merchandising to customer service.

Scalable & Secure

Handle large data volumes with ironclad security and privacy.

Developer-Friendly Documentation

Seamlessly integrate with comprehensive resources, code samples, SDKs, and API references.

Explore Real-World Applications

Supercharge Revenue Growth

Fuel your sales pipeline with precise, comprehensive, and verified buyer insights.

Elevate Conversations

Transform cold outreach into warm interactions with actionable prospect intelligence, leading to higher conversion rates.

Uncover Perfect Matches

Identify ideal prospects by generating profiles similar to your Ideal Customer Profiles, skyrocketing your top-of-funnel engagement.


Precision Market Analysis and Segmentation

Break down your audience into segments based on attributes, refining your targeting to perfection.

Engage with personalized Campaigns

Craft campaigns tailored to your audience's online and offline behavior, making your messaging resonate on a personal level.

Enhance Lead Scoring and Qualification

Confidently score leads by enriching missing details such as job roles, contact info, work history, and more.


Unlock comprehensive identity insights

Access a comprehensive portfolio, including work, education, location history, and social profiles for robust identity verification.

Seamless KYC Compliance

Swiftly validate and verify customer data to fortify your onboarding process, guarding against fraudulent activities

Real-time Threat Detection

Leverage our data for instant detection and prevention of suspicious activities, fortifying your organization against cyber threats and fraud.


Elevate Candidate Profiles

Infuse recruiter databases with updated contact info, establishing a direct line to top-tier talent.

Forge Talent Pathways

Source elusive talent by leveraging data-driven tools to build strong, strategic pipelines for talent acquisition.

Track Role Transitions

Discover candidates who've recently transitioned to new roles, ensuring your recruitment efforts remain agile and up-to-date.


Supercharge Your Data

Person API
Unlock individual insights.
Company API    (coming soon)
Discover company-level data and trends.
{ "factori_id": "1", "first_name": "John", "last_name": "Doe", "gender": "M", "maids": "cfbf59fc-1d46-4e91-9121-1e790cd6c175", "country": "USA", "address": "3730 Lonely Oak Drive, Evansville, Indiana 47730", "dob_year": "1993", "dob_month": "09", "dob_day": "30", "age": "30", "household_id": "843829", "phone_numbers": "251-685-3285", "emails": "john.doe@weirby.com", "city": "Evansville", "state": "IN", "street": "3730 Lonely Oak Drive", "zip": "47730", "census_tract": "56037971600", "census_block": "1002", "household_income": "$1000000_$2000000", "net_worth": "Greater_than_$499999", "number_of_kids": "2", "Education_Level": "secondary education", "company_id": "3423493289", "company_name": "Google Inc", "job_title": "Software Engineer", "job_level": "Manager", "job_function": "Software", "company_phones": "32237948883", "company_address": "2300 Traverwood Dr. Ann Arbor, MI 48105 United States", "company_city": "Ann Arbor", "company_state": "MI", "company_postal": "48105", "company_sic": "73750000", "company_naics": "517111", "company_primary_industry": "Computer Software", "company_email": "contactus@google.com", "work_emails": "john.doe@google.com", "work_phones": "362332928732", "contact_skills": "Engineering", "recent_job_change": "false", "linkedin_url": "https://www.linkedin.com/john-doe", "twitter_url": "https://www.twitter.com/john-doe", "facebook_url": "https://www.facebook.com/john-doe", "work_experience": [ { "title": "Software Engineer", "end_date": "", "start_date": "2002-02", "company": "Google Inc" } ]}

Plug-and-Play Platform Integration

Effortlessly connect Factori APIs to your preferred CRMs/platforms for enriched data and data-driven decisions.

Looking for a specific CRM or platform integration?

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